Sunday, 19 January 2014

What.... Sunday's over?

It's always nice when T's schedule works out that we get a large chunk of time off. This block was four days, which fleeeeeeeew by (Murphy's Law right?) but we're in a good place in the rotation because he has a few big ones in the next few weeks - YAY

I took a few photos with my camera, but I have to sneak down to pull them off so tonight I'm cell-phoning it. We had a busy weekend, Thursday was Ty's first day off but he was doing some training for a possible career move (a long-ish way down the road) so he was gone for a good chunk of the day. Honestly I can't really remember what occurred Thursday afternoon because my brain blocks out all memory due to the joy of him being home Friday morning to take Abbs to school! It's SO nice to not have to drag everyone there twice in a morning!!! Friday evening we had a couple of families over for appetizers and it was a fun full house. Abby was in her glory 5 girls playing girly games! .... we probably heard "Bennett is doing _______!!!!" about 100x that night, lol. He also was enjoying having all the girls around!!!

Today we went to the zoo - which is a family favorite since moving here. It's so nice to have the option to drop in for just an hour or two while running errands and let the kids burn off some steam. those who know me, know I'm a bit of a foodie. I am in LOVE with a little local ice cream shop in the city. They make the most amazing ice cream ever - and I love they have sorbet and coconut milk ice cream as dairy free options that are SUPER delicious. (sometimes the *alternates* taste like second-place goodies). My favorite is the Cardamom (on the top), with Salted Caramel peeking out from underneath. Made my whole day...blissful.

I've been buying the boys matching clothes lately, which Ty shakes his head at. I just got a box from Crazy 8 in the mail - LOVE them. Sweaters, pull overs, flannel long sleeved, regular plaids... LOVE it. And it's super easy when you're in public to look for the same shirt, rather than remembering what everyone was wearing. I always swore I'd never be this mom...guess I'm eating crow for dinner.

We had thought it was going to be super warm today (the chinook is blowing) but it turned out that it was chilly in the city - so we were slightly lacking in some winter apparel. Thankfully we have extras for Lachlan in the diaper bag and one of his hats fit B and Abby's vest had a hood - so everyone's heads were warm. Lachlan lucked out - he was bundled in some warm blankets for sleeping in the stroller, but most of the zoo he was in someone's arms looking around. He likes to face out and see the world - brave little dude already!!

Melt my heart.... these two share the same name, and my Bennett thinks he's the cat's meow!! He graciously complies with holding Bennett's hand and allowing him to boss him around, lol. 

I wonder if he'd let me buy him a matching shirt....

I tried hard to get a photo of Beverly C's haircut...but it's tough to really show it. You can kind of see some of the hair's that she missed in the bang area. This week I'm taking her to the salon to get it fixed... we'll see what they can do with her insane layering.

I LOVE the squish of babies. It's like the chubby wrinkles of a puppy!!! 

Ty got a super cool espresso machine for Christmas and he's been busy trying to perfect his cup of Java.... here he made me four different samples to try out. What? Why no, I don't drink coffee at all!! Two were less "awful", but I can't remember which angle I took the photo from. Truthfully, he makes me a mean tea-latte and that's all I care if I have to sample a few sips of coffee here and there - I'll suffer. 


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